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HTC Window 8x

Windows Phone Repair Calgary

Are you a Windows phone owner and in need of its repair? Worry no more!

We at the Alberta Cell  Phone Repair center, give you the best  Cell Phone Repair Service . May it be any type of damage or repair, rely on us for a quality repair service.

If your phone needs anything from screen damage, screen replacement, water damage issues or replacement of any part of your phone we fix it for you. We guaranty you a quick, cheap and hassle-free repair service at  Alberta Cell  Phone Repair .

Many people love windows phone for their high-quality resolution and better performance. Also, it cannot be damaged as it has a corning gorilla glass. But cracked screen can obstruct this quality resolution. If it gets damaged in any way, it needs to be fixed properly.  So, if you suddenly drop your phone or your puppy chews it, you need not to panic- just bring your phone to us and get it fixed quickly.

Dropped your phone in the pool?

The best technique to safeguard your phone from water damage is to keep it in a waterproof case and to be very careful while using it around water and other liquids. Even if your phone does get water damage, however, it is not just the end of the world. Just bring it to us, and we will have your phone working like new in no time at all.

Our Services

Window Phone

Back Cover Replacement

Need a good quality back cover for your cell phone? We are best in a replacement of back covers, when you have a damaged back cover, you need it to replace.

Window Phone Repair

LCD Replacement

Alberta Phone Repair are able to recover different versions of LCD replacement touch screens. We have wide variety of manufacturers. Windows Phone troubleshooting, repair, and service

Window Phone Repair

Logic board Replacement

We specialize in fixing logic boards (motherboard).We can’t replace your logic board (motherboard), but we replace defective components. (diode, resistors, capacitors, charging chip etc.) We fix it same day

Window Phone Repair

Loudspeaker ,Vibra Motor

Replacement Loudspeaker, Ringer for Music and hands free function of your cell phone and replace the Loudspeaker or Vibration motor with Alberta Phone Repair

Window Phone

Screen Repair

We can help you reset and recover your phone. Repair guides and teardowns for many Windows cell phones, from a wide variety of manufacturers. We fix Windows Phone troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

Alberta cell Phone Repair

Charging Port Dock and Microphone Flex

If you have a problem with the charging port dock and microphone flex then visit our store .We Use to Repair your broken useless crack USB data transfer port microphone flex cable, make your phone use as usual.

Interested ?

In case your Phone has got any problem, need not to worry our well qualified and experienced technician would visit at your location and repair it quickly without visiting charges.