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Why You Need To Clean Your Gaming Computer Every Month


Why You Need To Clean Your Gaming Computer Every Month

If you just bought a gaming rig, you need to be aware about the things that you need to do in order to keep it running and in best shape for years to come. Before we start, let’s talk about some facts about a gaming computer.

A gaming computer has a lot of fans, which means it will be breathing in a lot of air and dust with it every time you turn it on. Even if your computer has a good airflow system, it is important for you to understand that dust particles will enter, no matter what you do. There is nothing you can do about it, but to clean it from time to time.

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Cleaning your gaming rig every month is extremely important, why?

Well, let’s answer that.

  1. Thermals

Some of your fans pull in air into your computer so it can run well as you use it, but as time passes by, your fans build up dust around it, which means there is less air coming in your computer. Same thing applies to your exhaust fan. When less air is being pulled by your fans, the thermals of your pc go up, which will affect the overall performance of your pc when you’re gaming or working.

  • Can Destroy Your PC Components

Yes, dust can destroy the internals of your PC, don’t get amazed by that. When dust enters your PC, there is a chance that your components can get affected. Remember, when your CPU runs on high temps, the thermal paste does less job, which means it will overheat, and once it overheats, its overall health gets impacted. Same thing applies on the GPU, RAM, and Hard Drive.

  • Bad Performance

Once dust enters your computer, you will automatically see thermal-throttling. This means you will see your high-end computer underperforming, and you don’t want to see that happen. After cleaning your PC, you will see that your PC is running better and performing much better.

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