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Why is It Important to Clean Your Computer Every Month?

Clean Your Computer

Why is It Important to Clean Your Computer Every Month?

A lot of PC users ask why is it necessary to keep their computers clean all the time, when they are not seeing any performance drops.

The thing is, it’s not about the performance drops.

As time passes by, a lot of dirt gets inside your computer, and it is your job as a computer owner to make sure that you are keeping everything clean so no problem can arise in the future.

To help you understand why it is important to clean your computer on a monthly basis, computer repair shop Calgary AB will be listing down some important reasons that will educate you on the problems that can arise if you do not keep your computer clean.

4 reasons why it is important to clean your computer every month

  1. Dust build up in fans

The first reason that computer repair in Calgary will be listing down is dust buildup in the fans that are present in your computer. Remember, in order to keep your computer running, fans keep everything cool, but if there is dust in the fans, they cannot suck in and blow out air, meaning that they are not running in the best possible way. Cleaning them will allow them to work the way they should.

Clean Your Computer

  • Hot temperatures

If you allow dust to build up in your computer, you will surely see hot temperatures. This is why computer shop in Calgary Alberta tells everyone to keep their computers clean. Not only fans, but dust buildup over the HDD, over the video card, and other parts can cause a lot of heating problems because the dust does not allow the cold air to reach the hard surface.

  • Wiring problems

A lot of computers end up with wiring problems that is caused by dust buildup. Remember, dust and electricity do not go along with each other, this is why it is important to clean them. A short in the wiring can cause a lot of problems for you. The motherboard can go out and can damage every other component in a blink.

  • Performance drop

If you do not clean your computer from time to time, you will notice a big performance drop. This is because of the hot temperature of your computer. In order to run properly, your CPU, GPU, and RAM needs to stay cool, but if they are not, you will experience more lags. Not only lags, but you will also experience slower pc loading times. This happens when dust builds up pretty badly in the main fans.

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