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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Tablet Repair Calgary

Broken phone, tablet, or Macbook? Quick fix it!

Have a broken mobile device, tablet, or Macbook ? Look no further! We know how disappointing it can be. It may be accidental damage to your mobile device or tablet, especially when the insurance coverage just ran out. The prices for replacement iPhone or Android device can be outrageous. Our competition may think we are crazy, but we take an innovative path to being a reliable and efficient cell phone repair service that is convenient and easy for you to work with.

We not just fix your tablet but also guarantee you that our repaired parts will be of the best quality and won’t alter the performance of your tablets. Our technicians have years of experience in almost all versions of tablets .

we know the basic types of tablet faults that may occur due to water damages, broken screens, audio jack and charging point replacements and other major and minor issues.

Our team offers a professional tablet repairs service for your gadgets without any hassles.

Our Services

Tablet Repair

Battery Replacement

At Alberta Phone Repair our repair services are completed by our expert staff and use only the highest quality parts available. We offer tablet repair services that range from glass/screen repair, battery replacement and many more.


Front Panel Replacement

We will use an iopener to warm the adhesive affixing the display assembly to the rest of the tablet. This will allow for a safer, easier screen removal.

Mother Board

Motherboard Replacement

We at Alberta Phone Repair repair any damage to the mother circuit board and replace any defective electronic component or integrated circuit.

Rear Camera

Rear Camera Replacement

Is your tablet’s rear camera glass lens damaged, broken or blurry due to dust collected inside it? We offer the best camera repair service with the highest quality parts!

Sim Card

SIM Card Board Replacement

To add to the first scenario we help you to, replacing the SIM card carries no guarantee that it will even solve your problem.

Alberta Cell Phone Repair


Our speaker replacement service will remove the damaged speaker you have in your tablet. And our certified techs at Alberta Phone Repair have been trained and have experience performing these repair service.

Damage Screen

Broken Glass Repair

If glass of your tablet is broken, which means the screen still shows an image and responds to touch; you can use this as a stopgap until you can afford to replace the screen yourself.

Water Damage

Water Damage Repair

We are fully able to fix your damage tablet in 99% isopropyl alcohol, drying out your tablet completely, putting lose data it all back together.

Interested ?

In case your Phone has got any problem, need not to worry our well qualified and experienced technician would visit at your location and repair it quickly without visiting charges.