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Essential Gadget Maintenance Tips for Longer Device Life

Essential Gadget Maintenance Tips for Longer Device Life

Computer maintenance tips for enhanced life of the device and for a safe environment. We wish to educate you about your gadget’s physical housing and accessories, and the environments in which you store and operate your device. We want good maintenance of our customers’ devices, still, we provide complete repair of essential devices such as complete tablet repair in Calgary in addition to providing repair for additional parts such as tablet screen repair in Calgary.

Keep the Keyboard, Mouse, and Openings Clean of your Computer

Tablet Screen Repair CalgaryWhen we talk about computers, it is better to start with an easy part of the device in an attempt to properly maintain your device’s accessories.

It would be wise to keep the keyboard, mouse and openings very clean. A dirty keyboard will eventually stop working properly. Ditto for a dirty mouse. A replacement keyboard is going to cost you money, the money that could be spent on better alternatives rather than wasting it on part of the device that can be well maintained otherwise.

To clean your keyboard’s more accessible surfaces, use a damp, lint-free cloth. Don’t spray water directly onto the keyboard or allow water to pool anywhere on it – this will only make things worse. Use the same approach to clean your mouse’s accessible surfaces.

To clean harder-to-reach parts of your keyboard and mouse, such as the mouse’s optical opening and the spaces underneath the keys, use a compressed air canister. This is available for a pittance in a local hardware store. Don’t neglect laptop and desktop ports and crevices either. Dusty or particle-clogged ports reduce airflow into and out of the device, increasing the risk of overheating. If you’re prone to forgetting small tasks like this, set a recurring calendar reminder every month.

Gentle Cleaning of Monitor

Your monitor might seem solid enough, but it’s just as vulnerable to dust and debris as your keyboard and ports. Dust it periodically with a microfiber cloth. Remove tougher stains with LCD screen cleaner, which you can buy for a very cheap price from a nearby store.

Keep Food and Beverages Away from Desktops and Laptops

It is wise to avoid eating or drinking over or near your desktop or laptop for good maintenance of the device. It is easier said than done when you’re working through your lunch break or watching your favourite show with a bowl of ice cream in hands. But it will be good if you think of the consequence of eatable getting spilled to damage the keyboard. Also, some liquid could even penetrate the device’s casing and wreak havoc on its internal components. It may be tough for you to create a routine of protecting the devices, you may even have to institute a rule in the house to be followed for the protection of devices and handheld gadgets. It may not be easy, still, you will be able to follow the practice.

Organize Cords and Other e-Debris

If you have an active home office setup, it probably features a mess of cords, power strips, and random accessories on the floors and working surfaces. This mess is unsightly and unwieldy at times. If you have small children or pets, it may as well present a risk of an electric shock. Depending on how loaded-up your power strips and outlets are, you can also have a fire hazard handling device set up accordingly. The jumbled cords are more vulnerable to damage, and at times require higher long-term ownership cost.

Fixing this is easy, you just need to buy an extra power strip or two and even procure some twist-ties, that are of negligible cost, or cable organizers at reasonable prices, to hold everything together in a proper manner. Unplug, detangle, and reorient your cords in your handy new organization system. Then plug everything back in, it is as simple as that.

Hopefully, these tips are going to come in handy when you are serious about the maintenance of your devices and gadgets at your home office or even at your place of stay. You will surely be able to maintain your tablet, laptop or desk-based computer by following simple steps.

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