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How to Save Your Cell Phone After Dropping It in Water?

Cell Phone Repair in Calgary

How to Save Your Cell Phone After Dropping It in Water?

Unfortunately, circumstances brought you here, and now you’re too worried about your phone and the fact that you might have to buy a new one. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to save your smartphone even after dropping it in the water.

But first, you want to know the things you shouldn’t even think about doing after dropping your smartphone in water.

Things Not to Do After Dropping Your Phone in Water

1. Do not turn your phone on
2. Do not try your phone
3. Do not press any buttons
4. Do not press any keys
5. Do not shake the phone
6. Do not bang the phone
7. Do not blow air in the phone
8. Do not use a blow dryer
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Cell Phone Repair in Calgary

Things to Do After Dropping Your Phone in Water

1. Turn Off Your Phone
After dropping your phone in water, you want to pick it up and turn it off right away. You want to power the entire phone completely. Do not even think about charging it.
2. Remove The Battery
Remove the battery of your phone after turning it off. You want to make sure your phone doesn’t get any sort of electricity supply in any sort of way.
3. If You Have A Case, Do Not Place It Back
If you have a case on your phone, you want to remove it right away too. after dropping your phone in the water, you want to remove almost every single removable part it has.
4. Bury The Phone in A Zip Lock Bag That Is Full of Uncooked Rice
Bury your phone in a bag of zip lock that is full of uncooked rice. For those who don’t know, rice is a great food that can absorb liquid. This method is used by thousands or even millions of people if they accidentally drop water on their phones or tablet. You want to place your phone in the bag full of rice for 2 to 3 days.
5. Do Not Switch It On For 3 Days
After placing the phone naked in the bag that is full of uncooked rice, you want to make sure you don’t turn it on. Electricity and water don’t really go well that much, and if you accidentally turn it on while water is still on the smartphone, you might damage your phone permanently.
6. After Removing It
After a couple of days, you remove the phone from the rice, wait for a couple of hours, insert the battery, and switch it on.

What If It Doesn’t Turn On?

If your smartphone doesn’t turn on, try charging it and if that doesn’t work too, you want to change the battery. If those things don’t work, bring your phone to a local repair shop and get it checked out by a professional Mobile Repair Calgary.

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