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How to Protect Your Smartphone from Getting Damaged

Cell Phone Screen Repair Calgary

How to Protect Your Smartphone from Getting Damaged

Your smartphone holds your personal data and you should protect it just like you protect yourself. You should take extra precautions in protecting your phone so you can avoid crack screen problems and scratches. To help you add extra layers of protection on your phone, we bring you 6 ways and tips in protecting your smartphone from getting damaged.

Cell Phone Screen Repair Calgary



Here Are 6 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Getting Damaged:

  1. Make Sure You Have A Screen Protector On Your Phone

To protect your phone’s screen from getting scratched or getting damaged, you should add a quality glass guard on your screen. The screen of your phone is the most expensive part your gadget has, and a single drop can shatter the screen.

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  1. Buy A Shock Proof Case

We know you already have a case for your phone, but the question is, is it shockproof? Buy a case that’s shockproof. They may look ugly or buff but they’ll do a good job in protecting your phone if it falls or if you bump into something.

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  1. Make Sure You Take Care Of It

To protect your phone from getting scratches, damages, and more, here are some things you should do:

  1. Don’t place it on high areas
  2. Don’t let kids play with it
  3. When you place your phone in your pocket, make sure the screen faces your lap
  4. If your phone is not IP certified, move away from the pool
  5. Don’t use it when you’re charging the phone

The 5 things we mentioned above are some of the hundreds we can list.

  1. Buy A Waterproof Phone Or Case

When you buy a phone, make sure you buy one that has an IP rating. It’s 2019, and we’re pretty sure you would want to buy a phone that you can use in the pool, beach, and your tub.

If you don’t have to budget to buy a new phone, go buy a waterproof case! There are hundreds of companies that are selling waterproof cases, but before you buy one, make sure you check their reviews customer feedback.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Phone Behind

A lot of people don’t take proper care of their phone. Instances such as leaving your phone near animals, kids, and high areas, show how vulnerable they become to getting damaged. A single drop could cause your screen to shatter, and that drop could also damage internal parts such as the camera and sensors.

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  1. Hold Your Phone With A Good Grip

It’s important to hold your phone with a good grip. When your phone slips out of your hand,  there’s a 50/50 chance of it having a bump or a broken screen, but this depends on the angle and the height of the drop point.

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