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How To Properly Secure Your Smartphone And Tablet In 2019

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How To Properly Secure Your Smartphone And Tablet In 2019

Having proper protection on your tablets or smartphones in 2019 is a must. As technology enhances, malware, viruses, and hackers are stepping up their games to hack in and steal as much user data as they can. To secure your gadgets, you should enhance its security measures by adding passwords, pins, patterns, and anti-virus software.

Adding extra protection on your personal devices will keep your user data, personal data, and many more safe from getting into the wrong hands. So in order to enhance the security measures of your gadgets, here are some things you could do.

Tablet Repair Calgary

5 Things That Could Enhance the Security Measures Of Your Phone And Tablet


  1. Enable Fingerprint, Lock screen, And Face Recognition

Fingerprint scanners, face recognition iris scanners, and lock screen passwords are the 3 best security measures one can have on their devices. The most secure out of the three is Apple’s face recognition technology, there is no way anyone could bypass it. The second most secure is the fingerprint option on your phone. The third one is your lock screen, which allows you to set up a pattern, pin, or a pass-code before you could have access to the files of your gadget.

To take care of the face recognition cam on your phone or tablet, make sure you have a screen protector on your screen so you won’t have to worry about Tablet Screen Repair Calgary.

  1. Don’t Tell Anyone What Your Password Is

This one is something everyone should do. You should never tell anyone what your password is, this will give the person the access to your private files and user data. Things such as your history, gallery files, documents, and other private things could be at the risk of getting leaked.

You should also watch out for the people who love to look over so they could sneak what your password is.

  1. Enable Application PIN

There are some applications that require mandatory password entry each time you use it, and there are those that don’t. In order to enhance the security measures of your application so you can keep your data and personal things safe, make sure you enable the application pin security on your phone.

This feature will allow you to add a password on each application you want to. Each app could have a different pin, so make sure you choose your numbers wisely.

  1. Do Not Install APKs

Do not download any applications outside Google Play or App Store. Downloading APKs to have access to paid apps is not a good thing to do, especially because they don’t get updates and they could bring malwares and viruses along. There are fake applications that are disguised as real applications, and their job is to steal all your user data.

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  1. Download An Anti-Virus Application

To enhance the security measures of your phone, you can download an anti-virus application. Once you download an application, make sure you enable its “scan before download application” so you can make sure no malware app could get downloaded.

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