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How To Keep Your CPU And GPU Temps Low While Gaming On Your Laptop

How To Keep Your CPU And GPU Temps Low While Gaming On Your Laptop

A lot of people use their powerful laptops for gaming, but one thing they always forget about is the temperature of the laptop. When you’re gaming, the CPU and GPU of your laptop are being used by 50-100 percent, this also means that they are going to be super-hot.

Playing on high CPU and GPU temps are not recommended as they shorten the lifespan of the laptop. To help you keep everything cool, we bring you tips that will keep your CPU and GPU temps low when you’re gaming on your laptop.


Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your CPU And GPU Temperatures Low While Gaming:


Tip #1: Room Temperature


When you’re gaming, make sure the temperature of your room is below 25 or 30 degrees. Laptop fans work best with cool air intake, they properly cool the aluminum and copper heat pipes that are present inside the laptop.

The room temperature will play a big part in keeping your laptop temps cool especially if you have an Air Conditioner. So make sure nothing is blocking the intake and exhaust fans of your gaming laptop!


Tip#2: Location Of Your Laptop


Yep, the place where you put your laptop on when gaming plays a huge part in its cooling process. Many people place their laptops on the floor when their gaming, but one thing they forget about is that the carpet usually blocks in the fans that are placed under the laptop. This will automatically affect the cooling intake and exhaust of the fans.

To keep your temps low, make sure you choose a place where nothing gets in between the laptop. Usually, laptops have a 70mm fan placed under the motherboard, and its job is to keep the heat pipes of the CPU cool.

If your laptop has problems, make sure you visit the best Computer Repair Shop Calgary AB!

Tip #3: Don’t Run Triple AAA Games On Ultra-Settings If You Don’t Have A Powerful Laptop


If you have a laptop that is capable of running Triple AAA titles at ultra-settings, then there’s no problem, but if your laptop has mid-specs, then don’t do it. The CPU and GPU of your laptop have certain amounts of power, and they will limit the performance. Usually, when a mid-spec laptop tries to run everything on ultra-settings, it will start to throttle, and you don’t want this to happen.

When your laptop starts to throttle, it will start to lag. This usually happens when the temps are so high, sometimes reaching up to 70 degrees Celsius.

Tip #4: Buy A Cooling Pad


Depending on the type of cooling system your laptop has, a good cooling pad can help keep everything in your laptop cool. A powerful cooling pad can drop your temps by 5 to 10 C Degrees. This is actually a lot if you’re gaming.

Before you use a cooling pad, make sure all the vents on your laptop are clean. Dust will stop a lot of air, and it will affect the temperatures a lot. So make sure you get your Laptop Repair Calgary AB from time to time.


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