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How To Increase The Speed Of Your Cell Phone In Under 5 Minutes?

Cell Phone Repair Calgary DownTown

How To Increase The Speed Of Your Cell Phone In Under 5 Minutes?


Just like all things in the world, smartphones age too. Their age is noticeable when the operating system can’t be updated anymore, the RAM is having a hard time running modern applications, and when the cell phone starts to heat up pretty fast. Just like all things, these things can be fixed too, you just have to make some changes and tweak some things.


Cell Phone Repair Calgary DownTown

6 Useful Tips That Will Help You Speed Your Cell Phone In Under 5 Minutes:


Update Your Smartphone

Sometimes, a bug in the operating can cause all the lags on your smartphone. The easiest thing you can do to fix this is either downgrade from the version or update your cell phone so you can get a stable version of your operating system.

Delete Applications You Don’t Use

If you have a lot of applications on your phone, you want to delete the ones that you’re not using anymore. The more things you place on your storage, the slower your phone will get. Each application is placed in the memory storage of your phone, you can either uninstall the application or disable them.

Update Your Applications

Sometimes an application in your smartphone is causing all the problems. To fix this, you want to visit Google Play and hit update all applications. Newer versions of applications are more stable and are more optimized.

Add An SD Card

Instead of placing all applications, files, songs, videos, and pictures on the built-in storage of your phone, you can place them on an SD Card. This simple technique is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to increase the speed of your phone.

Do Not Use Widgets

Widgets take a lot of RAM as they are constantly running in the background. Widgets such as shortcuts on the homepage, assistants, weather checkers, and many more are usually found on the homepage of each smartphone, they may look good, but in reality, it takes away a lot of speed.

Do Not use Live Wallpapers

Just like widgets, live wallpapers work all the time in the background, the more animations your wallpaper uses, the slower your phone will get. Another useful tip to make your smartphone run faster is by removing the animations of your phone. This can be removed under developer options in your settings.

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