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Android Repair Calgary NE

Cutting-edge performance of Android phones, it’s no shock that your smartphone is one of your most prized possessions. As these extraordinary performing smartphones may also face bugs and errors sometimes, you can get them fixed to ensure their running. There might occur fixable issues like water damages, broken screens, battery issues and many more. These issues might be minor but when avoided, can cause you much. So, if your phone stops working or requires a quick fix, bring it to us, at our service center and get them fixed.

Our mobile phone experts know the best solution, which is the best suited for your version of smartphone.

As new edge smartphones are smarter heeding the designs, looks, and performance. They need to be handled with proper care.

A small drop or fall of our phone can cause damage to the screen, loosing of jacks and ports, water damages. So, you need not worry about any of these damages if you know us.

With our phone repairing service, we offer a fixed lifetime guarantee on the majority of our repairs. In the event that the first repair comes up short due, we introduced or because of the workmanship in the repairing of the gadget, Cell Phone Repair Calgary will settle it for FREE.

Our Services

Battery Repair

Battery Replacement

If you think your battery might be the problem (even after trying to recalibrate it), we’d advise you to take it to a repair shop for an expert’s opinion.

Alberta Cell Phone Repair

Front Panel Assembly Replacement

We will use an iopener to warm the adhesive affixing the display assembly to the rest of the phone. This will allow for a safer, easier screen removal.

Phone Repair

Motherboard Replacement

We perform micro-soldering. We repair broken charging ports and damaged motherboards.

Rear Camera

Rear Camera Replacement

We have managed to break or crack the glass protecting the rear camera, then not to worry.  Let us examine, diagnose and repair your cell phone camera while you wait.

Speaker Repair


No Sound in Mobile Phone is working .There could be problem with speaker of your device. We make your cell phone speakers good and keep your phone healthy!


SIM Card Board Replacement

To add to the first scenario We help you to , replacing the SIM card carries no guarantee that it will even solve your problem.

Phone Repair

Rear Panel Replacement

Is your mobile screen damaged?  We will provide front and back rear panel replacements, battery replacements.


Water Damage Repair

We are fully able to fix your damage cell phone in 99% isopropyl alcohol, drying out your cell phone completely, putting lose data it all back together

android Screen Repair

Broken Glass Repair

If glass of your cell phone is broken, which means the screen still shows an image and responds to touch; you can use this as a stopgap until you can afford to replace the screen yourself. Cell Phone Screen Repair Calgary will settle it.

Phone Repair

Inner Frame Replacement

We at Alberta Phone Repair provide you the best inner frame replacement service.

Interested ?

In case your Phone has got any problem, need not to worry our well qualified and experienced technician would visit at your location and repair it quickly without visiting charges.