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6 Smartphone Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Save Time

Blackberry Phone Repair Service Calgary

6 Smartphone Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Save Time

Your personal smartphone holds all your secrets, images, accounts and other applications that you use in your day-to-day lives. There are a number of things that you can do on your phone, but there is a certain limit for everything. For example, downloading too many apps on your phone may slow your phone and downloading third-party apps may bring in malware with them, which may leak your personal information to hackers.

Blackberry Phone Repair Service Calgary

Instead of making mistakes, Alberta Cell Phone Repair brings you tips and tricks that will keep your phone safe and save your time.

6 Smartphone Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Save a Lot of Time

1. Use Google Drive

If you’re one of those users who change a lot of phones, it is a must for you to have Google Drive. Google Drive is a file storage platform that was developed by Google, and it gives you free 10 gigabytes of storage per month. You can store images, videos, apps, and documents on their platform.

2. Download Music Streaming Apps

Instead of downloading songs, you should go with music streaming apps such as Saavn, Spotify, Shazam, Sound Cloud, and many more. You don’t want to waste your storage on things that you don’t really need. Also, music streaming apps have over 30 million songs available on their platform for free.

3. Put Your Contact Details On Your Lock Screen

You should put your contact details on your lock screen, so in the case when you lose your phone the person who finds it is going to know the person he or she should contact.

Note: Setting up a text on lock screens is only available on Android, if you’re an iOS or Windows phone user, you will have to edit your own wallpaper.

4. Download Weather Applications

If you like to check your weather every single day, the best option for you is to download a weather application that forecasts the weather every single day. Weather applications are available to download on iOS, Android, Blackberry Phone Repair Service Calgary, and Windows phones.

5. Use 2 Time Zones

If you’re a frequent traveller, you can actually use 2 clocks so your phone will display 2 time zones on your phone. This is a very normal but handy feature that is offered by almost every phone that is working right now.

6. Use Voice Command

If your hands are busy, you should know that most of the smartphones now have a built-in Google Assistant or Siri with them. You can use them when you’re cooking, travelling, driving, or when you’re using your computer. A smartphone user can use voice command to call someone, text, search, and play music.

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