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6 Most Common Issues Found in The New i Phones

6 Most Common Issues Found in The New i Phones

Apple’s iPhone lineup is something almost every kid wants. The definition of the iPhone is a phone that highlights the luxury of a flagship device. But even after having a huge price point, a lot of users online complain a lot about some of the issues their phones have. This is something you wouldn’t want to hear, especially because we’re talking about a device that can cost over $1000. So what are those problems?

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Here are the most common issues that are being reported by iPhone users

1. The Display Can Become Unresponsive

The new i Phones use the new OLED panels, and there have been reports that users are reporting unresponsive displays. A number of iPhone users have reported that when they wake their phone up, their displays don’t recognize their touch, but it is mostly seen when there is an incoming call. The only way to fix this problem is do a hard reboot on your phone.

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2. Delay In The Incoming Calls

Some users are reporting a delay in their incoming calls. Users on Reddit and other social media platforms have complained about a delay in the incoming calls. Usually, there is nothing displaying on the screen of the phone for 5 to 10 seconds.

3. Charging Not Working

One of the biggest problems that were brought up recently was the i Phones not charging when plugged to the charger. A number of high named YouTuber’s brought this topic out because many of the iPhone users were facing this problem.

4. Low Battery Life

A lot of iPhone users have complained about the low battery life. Many users say their phones won’t last half a day with moderate use. The only thing you can do about this is to buy a fast charger or carry a battery bank with you.

5. Speaker Problems

Hundreds of iPhone users are complaining about the front stereo speakers the new i Phones. They are so powerful that many users are saying that they end up creating buzzing sounds when they increase the volume over 50 percent.
This issue was once present on the iPhone 8 variant, but it was fixed with a software update that Apple released after releasing the new iPhone.

6. No Signal Issue On The iOS 13.1.2

The latest problems iPhone users are now facing is the no signal issue. Users who updated their phones to the iOS 13.1.2 are having no signal issues. These problems have caused a lot of people to miss a lot of important business calls.

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