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5 Signs That Suggest Your Graphics Card May Be Dying

Computer Repair Shop Calgary AB

5 Signs That Suggest Your Graphics Card May Be Dying

If you’re a gamer, content creator, or a person who loves PCs, you probably own a graphics card too, but like all things out there, these things die too. But how can one know if their graphics card is dying? In this blog, we are going to answer that question by pointing out 5 signs that suggest your graphics card may be dying.

Computer Repair Shop Calgary AB

5 Signs That Suggest Your Graphics Card May Be Dying

  1. Frequent Stuttering

The first sign of a dying graphics card is when you get to experience frequent stuttering, which means frequent screen freezing. But this is not the only reason that may be triggering this problem, bad RAM, a dying hard-drive, viruses, and overheating of the processor may cause this too or you may be facing the blue screen of death.

  1. Screen Tearing

The second sign is when you’re using your computer and you get to see the change in color on your screen and screen tearing. This is one of the first and most common signs a pc user gets if their graphics card is dying. A simple restart can fix this problem, but this won’t do the job in the upcoming months or years.

  1. Screen Glitches

The third sign that people get is screen glitches, which means you will be getting lines on your screen as you play games or edit videos. But remember, you can also get screen glitches if you have a defective screen, HDMI or VGA cable and if you’re overclocking your video card with hopes of getting better performance.

  1. Extremely High Temperatures

If you’re getting high temps and extremely loud fan noise, that can be a sign of a dying video card too. Loud fan noise and high temperatures mean your video card is having problems in keeping up with the things that you’re doing on your pc. But remember, high temperatures can also happen if you have a lot of dust buildup in your system or if you’re GPU needs new thermal paste.

  1. Blue Screen Of Death

The blue screen of death is considered by many as the most annoying thing in the modern world. For several reasons, the blue screen of death can appear out of nowhere, forcing you to lose all the work you did or the games that you played. Most of the time, blue screens happen if there is a problem in your GPU, but they can also happen if you have RAM or CMOS battery problems.

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