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5 Lists of Top Tech Channels in YouTube

lists of top tech channels in youtube

5 Lists of Top Tech Channels in YouTube

1. The Verge

Another YouTube that you need to subscribe to is The Verge. With coverage of almost every single tech that is hot in the market right now, you can have knowledge about what’s hot and what’s not in such times. They do have a lot of their own coverage, which includes electronics, experimental tech, space travel, and even more. One thing that you want to avoid though is to follow how they make PCs, they do it wrong. (Pun intended)

2. UrAvgConsumer

Judner Aura, who some people know as UrAverageConsumer, is one of the many tech tubes that are making the high subscribers list. He currently has over 2 million subscribers and does reviews on laptops, gaming tech, cameras, smartphones, and tech accessories that you might never have heard of before.

3. Austin Evans

Austin is a gem and if you’re not subscribed to his YouTube channel, you’re missing out on a lot of things in the tech world. When he was starting to go off, his house got on fire and every single piece of equipment that he owned at that time got destroyed, but after his story was shared widely, the tech world got together and this man up. He currently has over 4 million subscribers and does reviews on all types of tech.

4. iJustine

Justine is one of the originals that have been on YouTube since the beginning. She currently has over 6 million subscribers. She started her journey in 2006. She does all types of coverage, from amazing tech to tech that you cannot think about, she just has them all. Not only that, but she is one of the very few female tech tubers that are out there.

5. JerryRigEverything

If you want to know if your smartphone is strong or the one that you’re about to buy is really strong, you want to check out JerryRigEverything. He does amazing teardowns and tests on how durable these new devices are. His videos are for entertainment purposes only, however, they help out the consumers know what’s inside the phones and how strong they are compared to the claims that are made by the manufacturing company.

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