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4 Of The Most Common Pc Problems Caused By Too Much Dust

Computer Dust

4 Of The Most Common Pc Problems Caused By Too Much Dust

A lot of people buy a PC and think that they never have to do anything with it again in the future, which later causes a lot of problems such as lags, overheating, and even damage to the components that are inside.

One of the most common PC problems that there is right now is having too much dust inside, which can then cause more problems.

But what are those problems and are they bad?

Below, computer repair shop Calgary AB will be listing down some of the most common PC problems that are caused by having too much dust inside.

Please do keep in mind that these are just the common problems, computer repair shops in Calgary might miss some problems in the list below.

4 of the most common PC problems caused by too much dust

Computer Dust

Slower fans

The first problem that you will notice is slower fans. Because of too much dust buildup in your computer, you will notice that the fans are slower and your temperatures are higher. This happens because airflow gets barred and is heavily affected when there is a lot of dust present on your fans. This is why it is important to clean your computer’s fans on a monthly basis.

High temperatures

The second one is high temperatures. This happens because the fans of the computer are not capable of running on the right RPM (rotations per minute). Once they slow down, your CPU and other computer components will not get cooling, proper cooling, which leads to hotter temperatures. On heavy loads, you will experience a lot of high temps, which can then cause lags.


The third one is lagging. Slower fans and higher temperatures can lead to lags because your computer is not meant to run at high temperatures. Once your computer reaches over 45 degrees celsius, you will start to experience a lot of performance drop. Bottlenecks can also happen and crashing applications can also happen.


The fourth and last one is damage. When you do not clean your PC for years, you are likely to damage the integrity of your computer components. From your CPU, GPU, and even HDD, you can actually damage them if you are not cleaning your computer from time to time. If you cannot do it, visit Computer Repair Shop in Calgary AB!

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